BMW I8 For Rent in Miami

Beyond luxury Miami welcomes you to the BMW I8. In a world where the hybrid sports car has become increasingly common the I8 has truly elevated itself into a class of it’s own. It’s futuristic aesthetics mesh with top tier performance to give you the ultimate Miami driving experience. Now available for rental in Miami. Call us for pricing and availability.

BMW I8, with its high powered hybrid engine doesn’t just live up to these new standards of modern luxury, but practically defines them. In terms of speed, handling, and acceleration, it competes with or surpasses every major luxury sports car even while it is being driven entirely with electrical power. If you are seeking the best in luxury sports car rentals, a BMW i8 rental will allow you to travel at high speeds with class and sophistication, while using minimal gas. It is unquestionably the gold standard of the modern luxury sports vehicle in 2014.
  • Hybrid Engine – offers up to 357 horsepower
  • 3.8 Second Acceleration to 60 MPH
  • 6 Gears, the BMW i8 can reach 155 mph
  • 3 Different Propulsion Modes: SPORT, ECO PRO, COMFORT
  • Light Gull Wing Doors
  • Rear seats sized for children or extra storage
  • Driver Assistance System Object and collision detection

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